Why do I make art?

Because I simply like to make art, it amuses me, since I was a child.

Art is the most powerful means to reach the mind, and yet it is also the most fragile aspect of mankind. I feel empathy for the weak.

I like art because it gives me the chance to express my thoughts more universally. Visual and audio are expressive means less subject to abstraction than speech: what you create, that is. It is a deed, an act.

We live beside deception, we are surrounded by ads, movies, music and the like that use art to mislead, often made by artists deceived themselves. My intent is to create art for the intellect free from deception.

I also think that many of us are trapped into superficial minds. Our society is dominated by the lures, the false certainties and the nihilism bore by the schizophrenic swaying between greed and sloth, when not stuck to addiction. There is a need for balancing, for a counterweight to restrain the bad consequences that we see everyday everywhere, to achieve an agile mind.

Along my road I learned that the most sensible people wish to come to a cognition by themselves. Art is the most discreet way to inspire people and to give them new clues to continue their own philosophic journey, or to make them start it.

Art is not the only way to do that, after all it is sufficient to have tact, but, as said, I like art, since I was a child.

Until now I have used photography, video and animation, digital graphics, printing, drawing and painting, audio and music, assemblage and sculpture, collage, writing, poetry, performance and more, since to me, techniques are not the final point of art, but just means to express our minds. 

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