2 Oct 2011

The song that does not exist

The unbelievable song

In this epoch, most of the things that we consider as real are indeed nothing more than shadows, ghosts, dreams.

People do believe in what they see through representations, recounts, images, depictions, and actually what they see on-line. Today, something that is not on-line seems not to exist. History is a recount of someone about past events.

The unbelievable song”, which is not the real title of the song itself, is a conceptual artwork that exists indeed, I invented it, but there is one rule that prevents most people to believe that it would ever exist:

The unbelievable song must not be reproduced with any means except human voice and must not be recorded with any means except human memory.

This means that I can not write the song down on paper or here, or record it on a tape or digital file. Nothing. I can only sing it in presence of people, live, in person, but only after I instructed them that they must follow the rule of never recording or writing it, and only after I got their promise to respect the conceptual artwork's rule. In this fashion, this conceptual artwork is like a secret in plain sight: real to people who heard it, but unreal to the media. Trust is fundamental.

A formula required to listeners can be: Swear on what you care most that you will never record nor write the song that I am going to sing to you. Promise to me that you will sing the song only with your voice and only after having instructed your listener about these premises.”