12 Oct 2020

Constitution of the SUDoB

Sovereign Universal Domain of Benna
Needless to say that this is the Original World Normality

I have a philosophic view on how the earthly life of a human being should be, and the Sovereign Universal Domain of Benna (SUDoB) is just how I defined it, in order to name and refer to what is essentially a kingdom where everybody is their own sovereign, my Realm.
All the people gifted with wisdom, moved by a pure mind or longing for freedom and justness can live in this boundless Realm, which is universal. They just have to wish that, as this Realm is found in and founded on our desires.

The SUDoB is populated by me, but there is much space for everyone. There is no special requirement: no need to be weak or strong, naive or enlightened, misfit or virtuous: you just have or wish to be a freethinker gifted with willpower to join the domain where the coruscant lights of freedom and respect vanish the shadows of a dystopic world of oppression and exploitation.

No masters, no servants.

Within the SUDoB there is no government, no hierarchies, no social classes, no institutions, no armies, no courthouses, no prisons, no banks, no money or most of the many things that usually underpin the alien states, as it has nothing to offer and nothing to ask except your unconditioned and binding loyalty to its Constitution.


The Sovereign Universal Domain of Benna recognises the irrepressible nature of the individual: no other individual, group or majority of individuals shall force an individual.

For the purpose of respecting the freedom of each single individual, everyone can draw inspiration from the various classic formulae of the Golden Rule, of which this new relativistic revision is proposed: “do not do to another what he does not want to be done to him.”

For the purpose of respecting the freedom of each single individual, this Constitution promulgates one only universal legislative article, with which it promotes a lifestyle expressed by three precepts that thwart the recourse to the abuse, besides favouring the respect for the natural environment.

Article 1

Be thrifty, be independent, be keen.

That is all about, anything else would be just further explanation. This simple triune exhortation originates from the conceptual artwork “bait (the three deadly sins)” finished eleven years before, that was the expression of a long meditation.

Benna, bait or the three deadly sins, 2008-2009
Photographic triptych, three photographic prints, 51.3 x 50 cm each

At that time I wanted to go deep into the investigation on the essence of sin, and I isolated three irreducible points: greed, addiction and sloth, where addiction is the fulcrum around which the other two antithetical bad behaviours are pivoting.

If you respect the Constitution and put into practice the three precepts you can not do wrong.

So, how one should live? I will not tell you how you have to live, I prefer to offer models, telling you how I live.

I live thriftily. No matter how much wealth or power one may have, people gasping to reach and keep that position are either servants or are exploiting other servants. You may wonder that I live with no cell phone, no TV set, no bank account, no citizenship (obviously except my Realm), not even a bed, not travelling for leisure, never bought a car, not desiring anything unnecessary. This is a matter of respecting my own conscience living beside the environment, because nature is the source of my inspiration, feeding body and soul.

Like many artists, I love independence: this is the reason why I wrote the Constitution. Dependence is like addiction a pivotal problem that in a society is represented by the specialisations, while artists of all times pursued an all-around eclecticism.

I live keenly: my artistic eclecticism is just a reverberation of my personal life and passion for doing and learning things.

And my interest in ecology is evident: you may know already that my art is connected since its inception to the spiritual nature of things and the environment, which is both natural and societal.

Be in

Then, if you agree with the Constitution, perhaps you are worthy of being a “Sudobian” already, and there is no need for bureaucracy or papers to demonstrate that, your will is sufficient, but if you wish to become a registered inhabitant of the SUDoB, you can send your intent of belonging with some words of motivation to possibly obtain your admission.

If you go against the Constitution, you automatically lose your belonging.

If you wish to hold a more tangible proof of your belonging to the SUDoB, you may submit a request (with some words of motivation if you are not a registered Sudobian already) to the pretentious Domain of Benna Highest Bureau (a useless office indeed to cope with the alien custom of foreign affairs) for the release of your own SUDoB passport, which is recognised within the Realm but not in alien realms: you may desperately try to cross their alien borders with it and in case of suspicious officers the Highest Bureau will endorse and confirm your citizenship.