27 Jan 2014

rewilding a plum tree

rewilding a plum tree, 2014
Performance. Video recording, b/w, 480 x 640 pixels, audio, 5’03”.

This time I am explaining the very latest work I made: the performance entitled “rewilding a plum tree”, which is not obscure at all, but I want to tell you why I did it.

It may be banal, humble, but planting a seed could one day become a revolutionary act, illegal, abolished by law: nowadays, U.E. wants to forbid the use and exchange of unapproved seeds, a blow to biodiversity and freedom.


To plant a tree is purely an artistic act, meta-natural. But with this action I want to restore what human beings stole to the belonging dominion.
Planting the seed, we favour the return to life of the primordial form of that natural genetic project: a wild plant, free from the manipulations and eugenic selections made on cultivations.

You may be unaware that the fruits we are used to eat are the result of eugenic manipulations in order to make them bigger, sweeter or with the desired characteristics, by the means of grafts, selections and controlled pollinations, all alterations that if done on a human being would be considered monstrosities, like the creature of Dr. Frankenstein. Instead, the wild plants offer us fruits that are small but rich in natural equilibrium and vital strength, that is the energy expressed by the spontaneous genetic code inscribed into the seed.

We all know how a plant sprouts and grows, but I believe that some do not not know how to do that in practice: this video document is for them all.

I could have chosen a better place where to plant this plum tree, a sunnier hill, but nature does not choose where a seed will fall, and all the chances to survive are up to fate, to selection and the very plant's strength.

About this performance the art theorist Vivi Kallinikou had the following words:
“The notion of planting a tree as a revolutionary act in the context of the very same act being considered illegal is intriguing and goes beyond Beuys’ work.”

Do not waste time: go to free a tree.

Me and power

Which power? I do not pursue power in life, talking of secular powers. The so called power, wielded by rulers, would bring material advantages, but also many drawbacks, first of all a loss in spirituality and individual wholeness. That power must be maintained, preserved from other ruler wannabes; it is an organised structure of slavery that entails a loss of freedom for both the rulers and the others. From this point of view, beside this mutual slavery, power is an exchange, a shift of materiality toward one side with a release of spirituality toward the counterpart, thus I consider rulers as the very loosing ones.

europawns: black ops, 2011
Series of digital manipulations, 40 x 40 cm

We live in a hybrid dimension, between physicality and spirituality, so a balance seems to be more appealing, but in my experience I have learnt that materiality brings nowhere and the direction of life is ruled only by the mind, the word; matter is inert without a spirit; in this, matter is just an expression, a ground moulded by cosmic thoughts. The pursuit of materialism, wealth, possession and so on, is simply a deception transforming people into inanimate matter.

bunny's pearl necklace, 2008
Print and mixed technique on paper, 26 x 21 cm

For my personal ethics, I can not stand limitations of freedom, either to me or by me, hardly bearing to undergo any form of hierarchical organisation, and above all refusing to be in charge of command, preferring the confrontation between peers, where only the best idea or solution "rules".
Talking of social activities, an individual can be praised and esteemed for the intelligence, but no one is perfect, thus confrontation becomes necessary. A hierarchical structure, where subordinates unconditionally obey to chief's orders, is fundamentally fallacious. In effect we can see every day in every field the faults of that kind of hierarchical model on which the world was built: wars acted by armies, social inequality promulgated by governments, bogus economies created by financial groups, sophistications bore by academic establishments, hypocrisy of religious institutions.

aim, 2008-2010
Audio-visual, SD 4:3 Stereo, 1’42”

europawns: mystic trio, 2011
Series of digital manipulations, 40 x 40 cm

europawns: the two gates toward gold, 2011
Series of digital manipulations, 40 x 40 cm

Even democracy is a kind of bogus organisation, not based on what you could do to elevate your spirituality and improve yourself, but just on what you must do, in order to become an adept of the globally shared slavery of materialism, where only power and wealth would set you free.

wasted words #38, 2012
Series of personal aphorisms, ink on toilet paper, ~ 95 x 1640 mm

europawns: bagnasco napolitano and angela hinting to have more children, 2011-2012
Series of digital manipulations, 40 x 40 cm

All those kinds of organisations are necessary to maintain materialist power, preserving it from attacks; individuals alone can not protect materialism; just the opposite, individualism is the only and impregnable fortress of spiritualism.

The organisation into hierarchies of oligarchies distributing benefits is the fingerprint of materialist power: there is no hierarchy in the metaphysical sphere, and any religion or doctrine proposing hierarchies is a mystification; ruling gods included.

wasted words #32, 2012
Series of personal aphorisms, ink on toilet paper, ~ 95 x 1060 mm

Spirituality power knows no restraints or rules. Statistically it may be collected into quanta, specific clusters of quanta correlated by similarity, or whatever else feature, but individual self-responsibility is the key point.

I consider myself lucky to have never fallen inside the tight meanders of any organisation at all: I am not a priest, not a captain, not a freemason, not a politician, not even a doctor or a professional.

In the past, as many on this world who are not even aware, I have been taught to conform my behaviour to institutional religions, tempted to take advantage of the easy money from the ruling class, I have been hold in check, approached by freemasons, but something always made me understand that these were not the right paths to follow.

FreemasonS Awake! YOU’VE BEEN DECEIVED, 2012
Collage on paper, ~ 304 x 419 mm

I do not despise brothers for being inside those hierarchies of materialist power, because they are victims of fear. I have acquaintances and even pals into that system, in the army, some into religions and politics and into freemasonry, so I hug them all as friends with their own choices, but sincerely I consider them in first stance simply unfree. Most of them have been deceived and are unwittingly parts of evil machinations, or at least I prefer to believe so.

I would never want to limit their freedom to find the way their way, but I just give them here my peer opinion.

europawns: draghi goes bce, 2011
Series of digital manipulations, 40 x 40 cm