27 Mar 2020

Procedure art manifesto

Procedure art


Procedure art is a kind of relational or social art where the artist releases to the public a procedure (i.e. instructions) to create the work of art itself.


The locution Procedure art was born to describe a new genre of conceptual artworks I created starting from 2013 which I can now delineate as a new form of art. Procedure art must not be confused with procedural art, which relates instead to computer programming, while Procedure art is related to people developing physical or conceptual artworks and actions. Procedure art could be called also Instructional performance.

Benna's actual procedure artworks

As of today, 27 March 2020, I created four procedure artworks: voice extender”, 2020, is my fourth procedure artwork, following the third one “custom rule”, 2020, the second one “owning darkness”, 2016, and the first one “socialnetwork”, 2013.

April 2021 UPDATE: Seventh procedure artworks is “cryptocurrency”, 2021. Sixth procedure artwork is “miss”, 2021. Fifth procedure artwork is proboscis”, 2020.

The immaterial artwork “cryptocurrency”, 2021, is a provocation to subvert or reinvent the concept of cryptovalue, restoring the meaning of value by moving it back where it should be.

The immaterial artwork “miss”, 2021, is a procedure to compose phrases to guide mankind toward the apocalypse.

The immaterial artwork "proboscis", 2020, is a procedure to build the proboscis with which Dumbos can get food and emit noise.

The immaterial/documentation artwork "voice extender" is a procedure instructing the public to take a photographic documentation while shouting with the hands around the mouth to form an amplification funnel, or megaphone.

The conceptual artwork “custom rule” is a web-based interactive program in form of a skeleton user-customisable interface (actual version 1.0) resulting in a shareable link of your interface flavour, making users feel their illusory prospects of changing the rule, the system, as this is what customisable interfaces are meant to: make your jail more intimate, your duty less distressing.
The immaterial artwork "owning darkness" is a video instructing people on how to create a "biological picture" of darkness inside their head, where the person is the medium and the mental picture is the work of art.
owning darkness on aaaabeegimnnnrs.net

The immaterial/physical conceptual artwork "socialnetwork" is a set of behaviours I self imposed and requirements asked to fellow artists to create a collective work of art using their personal pictures from an artists-oriented social platform to test the effectiveness of social media relations.
socialnetwork on aaaabeegimnnnrs.net