Purpose of this weblog

In my personal artistic experience, in the relation with the public during exhibitions and on-line conversations, I have discovered that many people wish to tell their interpretation of the artworks, and this is exactly one of the main purposes of art in my opinion: communicate and to encourage discussion.

I have also found out that most of the interpretations I have listened to, were reasonably plausible, even if totally different from what I meant. This is very intriguing to me.

My artworks are sometimes obscure, this has to be so if one wishes to retain the intimacy, abstraction and complexity of thoughts on supernal concepts. And when I find people who get what I meant, it is a joy.

Being conscious that several of my artworks are somehow cryptic and hardly understandable, in this site I will collect some of my exhibited artworks that need an explanation. I will post here also bare descriptions, simple articles and statements or manifestos concerning the reasons of my artistic expression.