21 Apr 2013


plans, 2008
Series of ten photographic manipulations, prints on acrylic glass, 20.5 x 60.7 cm.
Editions of 4.

“What would one person think after finding identical patterns in two, three, four sea pebbles? Yet Nature surrounds us with signs like this, which are so subtle, common and pervasive that we are no more capable to see them.”

plans #01, 2008
 plans #02, 2008 
plans #03, 2008

Being that these and other artworks (examined on this other article) are exhibited right this month for the first time in the entirety of the complete series, I decided to redact this text as a possible in-depth analysis for the visitors.

 plans #04, 2008 
 plans #05, 2008 
 plans #06, 2008 

To make the meaning of the series “plans” comprehensible, I report here a transcription of what I explained to the visitors during the exhibition vernissage.

Thursday, 28 March 2013
ArcheTipinNaturali - Benna and Alfredo Giovent├╣
Torre dei Doganieri
Sestri Levante, Italy

These are photographic manipulations where practically I have got the texture present in one stone of these tetrads and I have transferred it on all the others.
Technically that has been the work.

The initial conceptual argumentation lies on posing oneself the question if someone would find four of these equal pebbles, with this equal texture: one would raise doubts on the real randomness of the world and the cosmos. Now, these are signs particularly equal, I say, they are really identical, thus impossible, or virtually impossible to find, it is not excluded, but virtually impossible. However normally we find really many similarities in the living beings, in the human beings, in the flowers: thus they are signs so universal and omnipresent that we can not even see them any more. So I wanted to put them over things in a very impossible way, some stones, to recall to mind this concept, that nature is pervaded by similarity signs, thus there is the design in the cosmos, even if we can not see it any more. The fact to have proposed it in a much more evident way just helps to remember this. That’s all.

The title “plans” is thus meant as project, but also as scheme or program, with an evident reference to the so called DNA, a true code or programming language.

 plans #07, 2008
 plans #08, 2008
 plans #09, 2008
 plans #10, 2008

I close this article with some photographs of the evocative site where the exhibition is going on.

A partial view of the exhibition, with my series of “pebble-shaped eggs” beside the “lithograms” and some “floating stones” by Aldredo Giovent├╣.
A view with the incredibly photorealistic earthenware “floating stones” created by Alfredo Giovent├╣.
Another view of some “floating stones”.
I am honoured that for this occasion Alfredo has been inspired by the textures of “plans”.
An interior view of the Torre dei Doganieri, where the Artura atelier is sited. 
 An external view of the Torre dei Doganieri.